Monday, October 24, 2011

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Hi again!

I am sincerely sad to report that this is the final post on my IBM Corporate Service Corps experience.

On Sunday, we went to sightsee the mountain of Yercaud. It took us about a four hour drive to get there. The lunch at Hotel Grand Palace was great. I had a portion of chicken tikka masala with garlic naan bread. What was even more exciting was the fact that the clouds literally came drifting into the eating hall - before evaporating right in front of you. Fancy! The next stop was a tiny little coffee plantation that was well hidden. Thanks to Mercedes, we got invited to join a family for a cup of coffee. They could tell us that the coffee was made from the beans surrounding their house - quite cool!

The kind coffee plantation family
We are grateful for having had the wonderful opportunity of working with Sankara Eye Centre. The hospitality has been truly admirable. We have been well taken care of. To show our appreciation we wanted to treat everyone at the hospital with sweets. 

Handing out some sweets in the canteen

The paramedics students

After three weeks of focused work, we were happy to present our deliverables to the Apex team. We explained the concepts of knowledge management and how Sankara can use it to their advantage. We also provided a plan on how to successfully implement and roll out a knowledge management system throughout the organization of Sankara Eye Care Institutions, India. The Apex team seemed to be pleased with the result.

Part of the Apex team

Receiving a gift and a picture from Dr Ramani

One of our trusted drivers

After finalizing the project, a glass of beer at the Cosmo club tasted surprisingly good. 

Having a good time after all the presentations were done
The day after closing the project was dedicated to personal wellness. The full body massage felt good. The yoga session focused on detoxication. And, it was nice to jump into the water for a swim!

Relaxed after a (well deserved) massage

I am a happy little dolphin

It was tough saying good bye to everyone. I wish it could have lasted for longer. However, I hope to stay in touch with many of the friends I made, with whom I have shared this amazing experience.

The IBM Corporate Service Corps team along with the Deja Vu staff

Apparently, I got addicted to Yoga

Overview of Mumbai city
And, thank you for having followed my blog.


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